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Pyramid Peak - Desolation Wilderness - Lake Tahoe - Fun 3rd Class Scramble and Steep Hike

September 24, 2019 - On the second day of my Tahoe trip I did Pyramid Peak.  This peak is pretty impressive at just under 10,000 feet.  It is named, obviously, because it looks like a pyramid and is a major and unmistakable landmark in the Tahoe area.

There isn't much of a trailhead.  Once you park there, which does not resemble a trailhead, but simply shoulder parking, you have to cross the highway and walk about 150 feet to the trail.  You have to pay attention because the trail is barely noticeable and no sign marks the location.

The hike is about 6.25 miles round-trip with a gross elevation gain of almost 4100 feet.

I climbed to the summit in just under three hours, and descended in two and a quarter.   My total round-trip time was about six hours with a 45 minute enjoyment of the summit. 

I also scoped out the route along the ridge heading north to Mt. Agassiz and Mount Price.  I have this fantasy of hiking from Pyramid all the way along the ridge to Tells Peak.

Tahoe's Rubicon Peak: Stunning Views and a Fun, Short, and Easy Class-3 Scramble

I recently drove down to the Lake Tahoe area to do some fun scrambles.  On September 23, 2019 I started this effort with Tahoe's Rubicon Peak.  The peak is 9183 feet high and the views from the summit are stunning. With the immense Lake Tahoe on one side of the ridge and the beauty of the Desolation Wilderness on the other side.

The climb up is only 1.75 miles and about 2300 feet of gain.  The route to the summit is a super simple 3rd class scramble.  Once on the top there is a somewhat exposed ridge to cross, but it is wide enough to provide an easy 100 foot stroll to the actual summit.

When I lived in Seattle I really appreciated having my "outdoor gym" nearby with a lot of great close  "I-90" hikes.  Getting to the summit of Rubicon Peak took about the same physical effort as Tiger Mountain's Nook Trail.  The two exceptions are: 1) the views from Rubicon are a bit more "awesome", and 2) a fun and super-easy 3rd class scramble on the su…