Free Solo Mt. Thielsen

August  30, 2019 - There have been a lot of climbing movies in the past few years: "Free Solo", "The Dawn Wall", "Meru", etc.   

I climbed Mt. Thielsen yesterday, and it was the least difficult scramble I've done recently; although, it looks more difficult than it actually is.  

Since my video clips I made had little drama, I decided to make a climbing movie-trailer parody to make this video more interesting.

Thielsen was fun even though it wasn't very difficult.  It was a beautiful day and being on the top of Mt. Thielson was a good way to spend the day.

I have the utmost respect for Kevin Jorgeson, Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold, Stephen Colbert, and the filmmakers.  I enjoy watching climbing films and I want a lot more to be made! 

If you haven't yet seen "The Dawn Wall", "Free Solo", or "Meru", do yourself a favor and watch them.  Incredible films and amazing stories.

Mt. Thielsen: 
9184 feet high
9 miles round-trip
3700 feet of elevation gain
80 feet of 4th class scrambling on the summit block
about six hours round-trip


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