Circumnavigate South Sister - August 23, 2019

So, not only do I climb mountains I also like going around them. I've circumnavigated Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, and now South Sister. I have a few more on the list too.

In my effort to go around South Sister, I left the Devil's Lake trailhead at 7:10 in the morning. When I reached the Moraine Lake trail, I turned left to do my circumnavigation clockwise.

I choose the clockwise direction because of no particular reason. I returned to my truck at 7:15 pm. There are established trails around three quarters of the mountain, but on the Northeast side there are no trails.

I like being in the wild, and this section is the real Three Sisters Wilderness. I didn't run into a single person out there. This is a great hike. I did it as a day-hike in about 12 hours as kind of a reconnaissance for a backpacking trip with my wife. We will return again as an backpacking three day hike.

On my return I can summit Middle Sister and I really want to do The Husband which is a 3rd / 4th class scramble.

Around South Sister Circumnavigation:
  • 24.5 miles 
  • 4920 feet of elevation gain and loss 
  • my total time with all breaks (about one hour total) was 12 hours and five minutes 
  • I carried no more than one litre of water. I stopped about six times to filter water usually 1/2 litre at a time. 
  • I carried the 10 essentials and a PLB for emergencies. 

I was shocked to have really good cell service, T-Mobile, around most of the mountain. I used it to text my location to my wife periodically on my hike.

 FYI, I recently returned my Garmin InReach Mini. The quality of the GPS locations were terrible, off by miles sometimes, even when I was on summits with no obstructions. And sometimes it just failed to transmit anything.


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