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Free Solo Mt. Thielsen

August  30, 2019 - There have been a lot of climbing movies in the past few years: "Free Solo", "The Dawn Wall", "Meru", etc.   

I climbed Mt. Thielsen yesterday, and it was the least difficult scramble I've done recently; although, it looks more difficult than it actually is.  
Since my video clips I made had little drama, I decided to make a climbing movie-trailer parody to make this video more interesting.
Thielsen was fun even though it wasn't very difficult.  It was a beautiful day and being on the top of Mt. Thielson was a good way to spend the day.
I have the utmost respect for Kevin Jorgeson, Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold, Stephen Colbert, and the filmmakers.  I enjoy watching climbing films and I want a lot more to be made! 
If you haven't yet seen "The Dawn Wall", "Free Solo", or "Meru", do yourself a favor and watch them.  Incredible films and amazing stories.
Mt. Thielsen:  9184 feet high 9 miles round…

Circumnavigate South Sister - August 23, 2019

So, not only do I climb mountains I also like going around them. I've circumnavigated Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, and now South Sister. I have a few more on the list too.

In my effort to go around South Sister, I left the Devil's Lake trailhead at 7:10 in the morning. When I reached the Moraine Lake trail, I turned left to do my circumnavigation clockwise.

I choose the clockwise direction because of no particular reason. I returned to my truck at 7:15 pm. There are established trails around three quarters of the mountain, but on the Northeast side there are no trails.

I like being in the wild, and this section is the real Three Sisters Wilderness. I didn't run into a single person out there. This is a great hike. I did it as a day-hike in about 12 hours as kind of a reconnaissance for a backpacking trip with my wife. We will return again as an backpacking three day hike.

On my return I can summit Middle Sister and I really want to do Th…

Strawberry Mountain

I climbed Strawberry Mountain in the Strawberry Wilderness in Oregon on August 19, 2019.
Strawberry Mountain is 9042 feet high and is 12.6 miles round-trip with a total elevation gain of about 3900 feet.

This is a beautiful hike and scramble climb that takes you past the popular Strawberry Lake. Once you pass the lake the trail gets far fewer hikers. After the lake you will pass Strawberry Falls and the scenery continues to impress.
Eventually you will get to the Strawberry Mountain sign near the summit which will direct you to the right. However, you can just continues straight up the trail and scramble to the top. The scramble route yielded a much more interesting terrain and, in my case, a close encounter with a family a mountain goats.
Once at the top, just descend the "standard" trail down. My time to the summit was almost exactly three hours. I trail ran down most of the trail, and returned to the trail-head in just under two hours.