Kaleetan Peak

I climbed Kaleetan Peak on July 19, 2019. It rained in the early morning and the trails were wet. I proceeded cautiously to do this 11 mile route with 5600 feet of *total* elevation gain.

On my return I ran into Kaytlyn Gerbin twice. Once near peak 5700 I saw this woman really haulin' the mail. I yelled "You go girl", and she yelled back that she was trying for the record time for Kaleetan.

I ran into her a second time about 1/2 mile below Melakwa Lake. As she passed I told her, "You're my 2nd favorite hero, right behind Courtney Dauwalter". I later learned that Kaytlyn finished in 2nd place (F) behind 1st place (F) finisher Courtney in the Western States 100 (2018). That was a weird coincidence.

I filmed her for a brief time as she was burning up the trail. You can see her at 1:53 in this video.

Her round-trip record-setting time was 3h 6m 17s.


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