Borah Peak

On July 30, 2019 I climbed to the top of Borah Peak, or as the locals call it Mt. Borah. Either way, it is a fun 3rd class scramble to the summit of Idaho's tallest Peak. 

After switch-backing my way up a steep climb for about a couple of hours I finally got to "Chicken Out Ridge". This is where the fun starts. There are a lot of 3rd class rock scramble moves to make. Many with some sphincter clenching exposure. 

After getting passed Chicken Out Ridge you cross what is called the snow-bridge. This is a sliver of snow (at this time of year) to cross and it represented the only snow I stepped on for this climb. Once beyond the snow-bridge there is no spooky moves needed to get to the summit of Mt. Borah. 

Mt. Borah Peak: 12,662 feet high 8 miles round-trip 5667 feet of total elevation gain.

I left the trailhead at about 6:00am and was on the summit at 10:45am. I returned to the trailhead at 2:40pm. My total round-trip moving time was almost exactly 8 hours.


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