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Borah Peak

On July 30, 2019 I climbed to the top of Borah Peak, or as the locals call it Mt. Borah. Either way, it is a fun 3rd class scramble to the summit of Idaho's tallest Peak. 

After switch-backing my way up a steep climb for about a couple of hours I finally got to "Chicken Out Ridge". This is where the fun starts. There are a lot of 3rd class rock scramble moves to make. Many with some sphincter clenching exposure. 
After getting passed Chicken Out Ridge you cross what is called the snow-bridge. This is a sliver of snow (at this time of year) to cross and it represented the only snow I stepped on for this climb. Once beyond the snow-bridge there is no spooky moves needed to get to the summit of Mt. Borah. 
Mt. Borah Peak: 12,662 feet high 8 miles round-trip 5667 feet of total elevation gain.
I left the trailhead at about 6:00am and was on the summit at 10:45am. I returned to the trailhead at 2:40pm. My total round-trip moving time was almost exactly 8 hours.

North Twin Sister

July 23, 2019 - I have been wanting to do this scramble for a long time. North Twin is a big day with a total of 15 miles and 5500 feet of elevation gain. This is a 3rd/4th class scramble that delivers a lot of climbing fun. 

The approach is a boring logging road and makes up well more than half of the total mileage. I took my mountain bike and rode it/pushed it up to about 1/2 mile short of the West-ridge scramble.
The weather was the big concern for the day. No threat of rain, but I like my summits to have views. Unfortunately today, by the time I got to the summit shortly after Noon, it was completely covered with thick fog. And the fog moved in and covered much of my descent off the ridge to just below the false summit.
Fog notwithstanding it was a fun scramble climb and I highly recommend it, and it delivers hours of 3rd and 4th class moves up and, of course, down.

Vesper Peak

July 21, 2019 - I have been wanting to do Vesper for a long while now. Last year I did Mount Pugh, nearby, but didn't do Vesper. Well, my wait for a great day paid off. This was a perfect day to climb Vesper Peak. 

The drive into the Vesper TH was not too bad. I had a truck, but any Subaru would have little trouble getting to the TH either. The trail conditions were about as good as possible for this climb.
This was 7 miles round-trip with 4500 feet of elevation gain.

Kaleetan Peak

I climbed Kaleetan Peak on July 19, 2019. It rained in the early morning and the trails were wet. I proceeded cautiously to do this 11 mile route with 5600 feet of *total* elevation gain.

On my return I ran into Kaytlyn Gerbin twice. Once near peak 5700 I saw this woman really haulin' the mail. I yelled "You go girl", and she yelled back that she was trying for the record time for Kaleetan.
I ran into her a second time about 1/2 mile below Melakwa Lake. As she passed I told her, "You're my 2nd favorite hero, right behind Courtney Dauwalter". I later learned that Kaytlyn finished in 2nd place (F) behind 1st place (F) finisher Courtney in the Western States 100 (2018). That was a weird coincidence.
I filmed her for a brief time as she was burning up the trail. You can see her at 1:53 in this video.
Her round-trip record-setting time was 3h 6m 17s.

Climbing Mt. Bachelor - Trip Report

July 5, 2019 -- We started our hike up Mt. Bachelor at 8:45am. The temperature was already 58F degrees, so we knew the snow would be perfect. Shortly after entering the woods we encountered our first patches of snow. The snow was a long carpet to the summit after only 15 or 20 minutes of hiking. 

I wore trail-runners and Sara wore hiking boots. I carried an ice axe, but I preferred to use my hiking poles on the ascent and descent. I did not feel any need to use the axe. Sara used a hiking pole and an ice axe. 
The route up/down is a total of six miles from the highway to the summit with 2900 feet of elevation gain. The snow conditions are still good for carving some turns. We saw skiers, boarders, and a trail runner (doing a double!). I ran down most of the snow from the summit back down to the (closed) parking lot. 
Be careful about parking. The entrance is closed, and so is parking along the highway. However, you can park in the dirt area just West of the parking entrance. 
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