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Mount Adams

I climbed Mt. Adams on June 10, 2019. I left the trailhead at 2:30 in the morning. Only the first half mile of the trail was snow-free. The remainder was firm snow in the early morning hours. I arrived on the summit at about 10:00 am. The hike up was about seven and a half hours and about three and three-quarters back.

The weather was perfect, and the snow was nicely firm on the ascent. The descent was soft enough to glissade down at many points.
The snow got soft enough for skiers around 11:00am to carve turns from the summit without being icy.

Training on South Sister

June 3, 2019 - The mountain, South Sister, is a short drive from my home in Bend, Oregon. 

I usually climb this mountain three or four times a year for conditioning and training. It is 5,000 feet of climbing and 12 miles round-trip. This time of year, however, it is much more difficult because it is a slow snow-slog to the summit and back.
When the trail is dry all the way to the summit in late-July, it takes me half the time. This effort took 6.25 hours up and 3.75 hours down. My record for up and down when the snow is gone is 4 hours and 45 minutes round-trip. A big difference when there's snow!